New Minecraft Game Coming from Telltale Games in 2015

Just a couple months ago, Phil Spencer from Microsoft confirmed that a Minecraft 2 is not in the making and such a game wouldn’t arrive until players really need a completely new title to replace the existing one.

However, a new Minecraft Story Mode game is coming which is being created by the Telltale Game Series, the people best known for making the mash hit Walking Dead games as well as the newly launched Game of Thrones.

The developers at Telltale are best known for incorporating amazing storyline into the title and get it going in the style of a television series episode which is completely new to the gaming community. Because of their intriguing storyline method, they have grabbed the attention of millions of gamers on all platforms and now they are out to impress Minecraft players as well.
Mojang’s Announcement

The new game named Minecraft Story Mode – a Telltale Game Series has been officially announced by Mojang in association with Telltale Games. The game is scheduled to get launched on all consoles including Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC as well as mobile platforms. We assume that this game would get launched on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles as well because it may not have much of a graphic upgrade that would make it possible to run on older hardware without difficulty.

Game’s Storyline and Graphics

Telltale games confirmed that the upcoming Minecraft will be driven by an original story. Every choice that the player makes on the move will determine the storyline of the game. They have also confirmed that it has nothing to do with the original Minecraft title. Rather, it will act as a standalone title and not as an expansion pack or DLC.

Talking about the game, the developers at Telltale said, “We are looking forward to creating a completely new experience set in the Minecraft universe and will be using many familiar characters combined with some new ones to make it more engaging. Our story has been inspired from the feedback given by the community and will be an inspiration for an entire generation.”

In terms of graphics, they have added that the game will not resemble the pixels used in the original game and will have a unique approach similar to their earlier titles. It will be authentic and will deliver a whole new experience for both experienced fans as well as newcomers who like to explore the Minecraft universe, said Telltale.